The Importance of Community in Salta

the-importance-of-community-in-saltaAs mentioned in the previous page, despite their lack of a nervous system and a brain, some scientists say that plants can feel and might therefore be considered sentient beings. It is no newsflash that we live in a magnificent world. We could even say that we are surrounded by mystery and people should be encouraged to enjoy the miracle of being alive. There is a deep connection with nature that we can experience in the solitude of our consciousness, where we can go deep into the abyss that this universe offers.

There is a dual path, inwards and outwards, that we can follow at the same time, and discover new and sacred spaces, uninhabited and unexplored by other human beings, despite the many other species that might live there at present. Humans as well as other species definitely transcend space and time and move towards the dimension of infinity.

In Salta and the areas surrounding this city, however, people live in communities. That is, people live with other people that may have different socioeconomic as well as ethnical backgrounds and even culture or a different upbringing from each other. They get to know each other and they also grow up and feed from the relationships they build with other people. Individualism nowadays seems to be growing, aided by media and marketing as a way to success; this is obviously a sort of illusion, created to impose a selfish way of life and the economic interests of multinational companies that have no regard for communities. Such is the case of Monsanto, which has caused a great deal of controversy and criticism among the people of Salta, Argentina and the whole world.

People these days are accustomed to getting numbed by cheap entertainment, such as social media, Hollywood movies, celebrity news or gossip, commercial music, junk food and many products, accessories, gizmos and gadgets we do not actually need.