Salta’s Native Communities

saltas-native-communitiesPeople that have traveled to Salta have surely come into contact with some of the native communities and their shamans. They say that inside of each of us, there is an extraordinary amount of energy that drives us, be it chemical, emotional, intellectual or physical. If our body is not well nourished properly cared for, we can not think clearly, and that is the case with millions of people in our world who are starving and their reality is very difficult for many of us to imagine or even begin to grasp.

Another precept that the communities in Salta live by and try to pass down to newer generations is that if we do not grow intellectually, reading and learning new skills regularly, our brain will fall into a state of numbness, assimilating information that we do not need, causing an overload in our brain system which may lead to unproductiveness (for us and our environment). We only consume, without producing anything new and creative. If our emotional health is not balanced, if our relationships are harmful and aggressive, then we we will be disconnected from our core, and our true essence will appear weak. Without a solid emotional background, we are destined to fail in all the goals we would set out to achieve.

In Salta and the northern regions of Argentina, many new resources of renewable energy are being utilized. The Tobas (an indigenous people from the region of Salta and the north of Argentina) think that in the same way we can transform the energy that the elements of nature provide us, we must be aware of the power within us as living beings, as creatures of this Earth, value it every day and not waste it. It is important to set goals based on mutual cooperation in order to build a healthy environment for ourselves and for others (including plants and animals).