Evolution of Technological Development

evolution-of-technological-developmentWhen talking about self sustaining communities utilizing renewable energy, many can be found in the region of Salta and south of Bolivia. One could start by mentioning diverse inventions in the recent history of mankind. Perhaps, some 50 or 100 years ago it was impossible to think about talking in real time with someone in another country and being able to see their faces and hear their voices as we can do now with a computer and access to the Internet.

Many people fantasized about designs that could expand the boundaries of human knowledge and creativity, such as submarines. Jules Verne was one such visionary. He was a famous writer who included in his books descriptions of these incredible machines that were much ahead of the time he lived in. He also wrote about diving suits that would enable humans to travel to the depths of the ocean.

Who could have thought about spacecrafts, oxygen tanks, helmets and suits that would enable humans to explore outer space without freezing to death, being burned or exploding from the extreme weather conditions and pressure astronauts must face on their trips to diverse spatial destinations.

Other people invented devices to make life easier, like radars, the internet, credit cards, elevators, computers, automatic doors, fridges, microwave ovens, washing machines and so many other home appliances that has given us a lot of free time to explore the world and to dedicate more time to those things that give us pleasure and comfort. One might wonder, at this point, whether these products came from someone’s imagination and creativity or if people who wrote about them two hundred years ago had actually predicted or foreseen them. Do we really need all this stuff we are utilizing on a daily basis? We are generating tons of trash. Where does it all go?