Energy in Salta

energy-in-saltaIt is interesting to compare the lives of communities in Salta with those of people in bigger cities. There, due to our agitated and crowded way of life, people fail to focus on what is really important in life. Multitasking is the norm these days. Every week we must achieve goals and be aware of what other people need us to do. There is little or no time to help others. Cruelty is simply becoming so normalized that we get accustomed to seeing people and animals in pain, taking for granted that the world is a difficult, a cruel place to live in, and compassion is a luxury one cannot afford.

Therefore, when traveling to places like Salta, a far away region where peace reigns, one can connect with a way of life that is much simpler than that which we are accustomed to. Partly, thanks to the way communities and their members live and interact with each other and with the nature that surrounds them, based on cooperation and mutual respect. That does not mean that there is no suffering here or that there is no cruelty. However, people in these small communities do their best to avoid these situations and be there for each other.

One of the precepts or teachings about life that people from Salta embrace, which has its foundations in the indigenous community is that each of us has a quantum of energy that allows us to go through life. Because some of us are naturally inclined to be intense and competitive, and that gives off an infectious aura that does not only affect the individual, but also influences everyone around that person. Energy is the way the universe functions, and we are not exempt to the laws of nature. Humans are powered by energy.