Community Values in Salta and the Modern World

community-values-in-salta-and-the-modern-worldThe strategies of marketing design and their main goal is to create needs we do not really have. Luckily, there are many small communities in Salta that have their roots in the native or indigenous civilizations of the region, so caring about others and protecting each other is still important for these people, unlike the way of life that is established in bigger, metropolitan cities like Buenos Aires, New York, and so many others.

The trend these days in bigger cities is that people live through their social media, which means that we do not actually need to get together to communicate. This virtual presence is a substitute, a mere delusion of what real relationships should be like. The difference between communities with real people and virtual networks is that people belong to some communities which in turn belong to them, but social media belong to merely a few powerful people who can exert control over others – add or delete someone in a group, choose what content can be published and what to delete or to censor… And so on.

People perceive that sense of belonging in social media as reassuring, due to the constant fear of being lonely. Behind a screen, people do not need social abilities, because they can hide behind a computer or a smartphone. Alienation is the rule; we think that we take decisions by ourselves and that we are independent from our environment that we can develop ourselves without any cooperation, but the real thing is that we only think and therefore do what we are supposed to, according to the social structures or norms we are exposed to. This results in people having identical postures and ways of thinking, without even noticing it. Are people really able to think clearly even in the most adverse situations?