Are You Going On a Family Vacation to Salta?

If you and your family are true mountain lovers, you will love the Salta vacation experience. While everyone else is dreaming of a beach, you are on the other side picturing yourself in vast mountain landscapes. Whether it is the high-altitude, fresh air blowing in and out of your lungs that you miss; or the overwhelming sensation of feeling small among the grandiose mountain formations that have been around longer than dinosaurs; whatever it is, Salta should be at the top of your list for the next vacation. Here is why Salta, Argentina, is fast becoming one of the country’s must-visit locations.

shutterstock_347570039The Geography of Salta

Found in the northeastern part of Argentina, Salta’s landscape is arid and shares some natural landscapes with Bolivia like the Salt Flats. The colonial culture is mainly influenced by the Andes and shared with Peru, the neighbouring country. The Salento way of life and family relations is heavily influenced by the traditions of indigenous communities that once occupied these lands. Salta offers you access to some famous locations like Jujuy and Humahuaca in the north. You can also take a scenic drive down to Cafayate via Cachi for western-like landscapes that are, seemingly, untouched by human activity.

Top Things to Do and See

Your first site visit should be to the ‘Tren a las Nubes.’ Translated, this is the train to the clouds, which is pretty much what you see. An early morning train leaves Salta’s central station to the Quebrada higher up in the mountains. The journey is quite a spectacle as the train seems to pass through the clouds to reach a height of about 4,220m. For some out of the ordinary snack, make sure you get a taste of some empanada. The snack contains a filling, usually meat, and sold in a large food hall by different vendors each offering an assortment of flavours.