On this site, visitors will find a lot of information and posts about nature in the region of Salta, located in the northwestern part of Argentina, in the South American continent. Apart from information about Salta, the reader will be able to find info about its surroundings and the renewable energy methods applied throughout this region, Argentina and its neighboring countries.

Argentina is the most austral country in the world, making it the nearest one to the Antarctic, and therefore know as the “el fin del mundo” (end of the world). Nature is constantly giving proof of being an autonomous entity; a smartly connected and perfectly functioning network. Trees grow out of the soil thanks to the energy of the sun, which they absorb through their leaves, allowing them to grow from a little seed to becoming an enormous, strong living being. Minerals in the soil provide nutrition to plants.

The earth’s inner core is composed by many elements, like silicon, oxygen, iron, sulfur – among others – at an extremely high temperature. The earth is constantly orbiting around the sun which shines above us every day. Millions of species have inhabited this planet for millions of years; more species than we could ever count or even guess. It has been said by scientists that plants can communicate with each other, scream when they are cut, some even cry in pain, and they might even possess the ability to be conscious. This would come to mean that plants may be sentient.