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Are You Going On a Family Vacation to Salta?

If you and your family are true mountain lovers, you will love the Salta vacation experience. While everyone else is dreaming of a beach, you are on the other side picturing yourself in vast mountain landscapes. Whether it is the high-altitude, fresh air blowing in and out of your lungs that you miss; or

The Indigenous Population in Salta

According to a census conducted recently, from the Argentinians living in the region of Salta, 41% of them are Amerindians. In other words, they descend from indigenous communities or civilizations that inhabited the region in the past. Among the many indigenous civilizations that we can mention, perhaps the most popular are the Tobas and

Towards a Cleaner Future

During the mont of August, hydric energy supplied 80 percent of the total amount of power needed in Costa Rica, followed by wind energy, geothermic and solar. This country is a picturesque Latin American republic with approximately 5 million inhabitants. 96,36% of the power supply came from renewable sources during the first half of

Renewable Sources of Energy

In many places in Salta, families are still using the same fridge they bought sixty years ago, perhaps after having changed a few spare parts or having done a few repairs here and there. Were those products actually made to last longer than products we buy today? Like iPhone models, which are supposed to

Evolution of Technological Development

When talking about self sustaining communities utilizing renewable energy, many can be found in the region of Salta and south of Bolivia. One could start by mentioning diverse inventions in the recent history of mankind. Perhaps, some 50 or 100 years ago it was impossible to think about talking in real time with someone

Salta’s Native Communities

People that have traveled to Salta have surely come into contact with some of the native communities and their shamans. They say that inside of each of us, there is an extraordinary amount of energy that drives us, be it chemical, emotional, intellectual or physical. If our body is not well nourished properly cared

Energy in Salta

It is interesting to compare the lives of communities in Salta with those of people in bigger cities. There, due to our agitated and crowded way of life, people fail to focus on what is really important in life. Multitasking is the norm these days. Every week we must achieve goals and be aware

Community Values in Salta and the Modern World

The strategies of marketing design and their main goal is to create needs we do not really have. Luckily, there are many small communities in Salta that have their roots in the native or indigenous civilizations of the region, so caring about others and protecting each other is still important for these people, unlike

The Importance of Community in Salta

As mentioned in the previous page, despite their lack of a nervous system and a brain, some scientists say that plants can feel and might therefore be considered sentient beings. It is no newsflash that we live in a magnificent world. We could even say that we are surrounded by mystery and people should